Whooping Cough in Babies


Whooping Cough in babies can be especially dangerous and scary. Dr. Fish from Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care explains what to look for and how to help your child.


Whooping Cough, or Pertussis, is a serious illness in children and can be especially dangerous in babies. The reason is that babies with pertussis won’t seem that sick early in the course of the illness which means delays in diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms of whooping cough include trouble breathing, a severe cough that comes in waves that is often marked by the characteristic ‘whoop’ breathing noise between coughing fits.

Symptoms of whooping Cough in babies
Treatment of whooping Cough in babies

Symptoms of Whooping Cough

  • Persistent coughing
  • A cough that won’t go away
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Coughing fits with noisy, “whoop” sound while breathing between coughs
  • Coughing so hard that the child has difficulty getting a breath in afterwards
  • Fevers
  • Upper respiratory symptoms including runny nose, congestion, generally feeling unwell

Whooping Cough Treatment

  • Whooping cough can be treated with an antibiotic if it is early enough in the course of the illness
  • Antibiotics are still given once the illness is identified even if past the treatment window (helps prevent spread to others)
  • A Whooping Cough shot (vaccine) exists and is the best way to prevent this illness
  • In severe cases, children will need to be in the hospital for monitoring and pertussis treatment

Diagnosing Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough in Babies

The only way to know for sure if your baby has whooping cough is through evaluation and testing. At Pacific Crest, we can test for pertussis and initiate the proper course of treatment in a friendly and efficient environment that won't leave you waiting around. And, with costs running 80% below an Emergency Room, you can rest easy knowing that your child is receiving the finest possible care at a sensible, fair price.