Sports Physicals Portland


Spring is here, and with it, the rough and tumble of the sports season. If your child is getting active after a period of rest, trying a new type of activity, or heading off to scouts or camp, you may be asking yourself where you can go for sports physicals in Portland. And the answer, of course, is right here at Pacific Crest Children's Urgent Care!




What Are Sports Physicals?

Sports physicals are important not just for club or school related organized sports, but for all kinds of activities. Does your child want to get into cycling? How about rock climbing or hiking? Is the family making a healthy change and starting a new exercise program together? If so, sports physicals can help. A sports physical is a specialized type of check-up to make sure your child is healthy enough to participate safely in all kinds of activities.



We do not bill insurance for our sports physical exams, although we do offer highly competitive pricing.  

Service Cost ($) Notes
History & exam 65 N/A
EKG 25 Optional service*
Heart specialist EKG review 27 Optional service*

* May be advised depending on family or personal medical history

Sports Physicals Portland
Sports Physicals Portland


Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care is the best place in Portland to get sports physicals on a walk-in or appointment basis for your child, adolescent, or young adult. Our athletic physical exams focus on:


Medical History

  • Chronic or significant health history
  • Medications and allergies
  • History of sports injuries
  • History of sports participation and any associated problems with exercise
  • Family history, especially of unusual heart conditions such as heart attacks in young people or heart rhythm problems

Physical Exam

  • Vital signs including blood pressure
  • Head to toe physical exam
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Joints
  • Strength

Covering All the Bases

Sports Physicals Portland

An EKG (electrocardiogram - or heart rhythm test) is sometimes part of a sports physical exam. In the United States, we recommend an EKG if there is a concerning history with either your child or your family regarding heart issues. Outside of the US, other countries such as Italy, recommend EKG screening for everyone. We never refuse an EKG if a parent asks for one.