Meet Your Team


Dr. Corey Fish founded Pacific Crest Children's Urgent Care out of a need for high quality, pediatric specific, urgent care services in Portland.  Often, parents of sick children don't necessarily need an Emergency Room level of care but are stuck with that as the only option in the afternoons and evenings or on weekends.  We love helping children and families feel better and we really love giving great care faster and for less cost than the alternatives!


Corey A. Fish, MD FAAP


Dr. Corey Fish is the founder of Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care.  Dr. Fish feels strongly about providing high quality, compassionate, evidence based urgent care for infants, children, and young adults.  For Dr. Fish’s biography, click here.



Dr. Patricia (Tricia) Sandstrom

Dr. Patricia (Tricia) Sandstrom attended the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed her training in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Oakland in 2005. She is board certified in Pediatrics and has worked as an urgent care and primary care Pediatrician in California and in Oregon. Read more about Dr. Patricia here.