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Common Fractures in Children


Sometimes accidents happen and children hurt themselves. One type of injury that kids can sustain is a broken bone, or fracture.  Due to the soft nature of little bones, the types and patterns of these fractures are different. Join us as we review some common fractures in children. 



Broken bones make up about 20% of all injuries that present to a healthcare provider and about 30-40% of all children will break a bone at some point in their lives.

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The 4 Most Common Fractures in Children

  • Buckle fractures:  Where a bone is compressed, causing a bulge in the bone, rather than a crack. Read our article on buckle fractures here.
  • Clavicle, or collar bone fractures:  A common injury presenting with pain over the collarbone after a fall. We commonly treat these at Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care
  • Upper arm fractures: If they aren’t too out of place, these types of breaks are easily treated by our trained healthcare professionals
  • Toddler’s fracture:  A common occurrence in children 1-4 years of age. These are often found in the leg and can result from a surprisingly small amount of force. We routinely treat these sorts of fractures.



Pacific Crest vs An Emergency Room

Most fractures don’t need to be seen at an emergency room where costs can reach into the thousands of dollars for this type of care. At Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care, out of network or self-pay pricing for fracture care is between $190-$250. For 1/10th of the cost of an emergency room, you’ll receive high quality, compassionate care in a clean, comfortable and calming environment.

Compare the Cost: Pacific Crest vs ER