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Bumps on the Head


Childhood bumps on the head are one of the most common injuries for kids. And, like every parent, it’s hard to know when to worry about that head bump, and when you should take your child to an expert pediatric urgent care clinic like Pacific Crest.


Bumps on Head

Bumps on the head happen in all kinds of ways. Your child might fall a lot, run into things, or like to roughhouse with their sibling.  Thankfully, most head bumps end up being nothing to worry about but separating the serious ones from the not so serious ones can be tricky. 


When to Come See Us

There’s a goose egg (or hematoma) on your child’s head

Fall from 3 feet or more

Your child calms down within about 10-15 min after their injury

Persistent headache after the injury

Dizziness after the injury

You’re concerned about your child

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