Compare the Cost: Pacific Crest vs Emergency Room


While Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care is not a direct replacement for an emergency room, particularly for life-threatening illnesses, we do offer several cost advantages over a trip to the hospital.

We all know of course that the ultimate cost of healthcare for your family comes down to the health insurance contract between you and the insurance company.  However, to help you make the best choice for your child’s healthcare, we’ve put together an estimated comparison between out of pocket costs for common illnesses treated at Pacific Crest Children’s versus an emergency room.  And while it's impossible to figure out exact amounts for all of the many types of insurance plans out there, this guide should help you figure out the costs if you were to pay on the day for these services.


Illness Pacific Crest Cost ER Cost
Cough US$150 ~$600
Ear Infection $150-190 ~$400
Stitches $190-250 ~$800-1200
Strep Throat US$190 ~$500
Urinary Tract Infection $150-190 ~$700
Pinkeye US$150 ~$400
Viral Illness $150-190 ~$400
Head Injury $150-250 ~$600-1200

As you can see, ER runs anywhere up to 5x the cost against comparable services at Pacific Crest. But not everything comes down to cost. How about expertise? A doctor is a doctor, right? Actually, no. 

On Duty Pediatricians

At an emergency room, chances are that your little one (or not so small teenager), will be seen by a physician or other provider with no pediatric training. As pediatricians, we understand that kids are not little adults. We also know how to put children at ease and examine and treat them in a way that causes the least amount of tears and discomfort.


Corey Fish