Does My Child Have A Broken Bone?

Does my child have a broken bone?

Broken bones in children are common, typically occurring after a fall. Symptoms of broken bones in kids include pain, swelling, and/or abnormal appearance of the area concerned. 


How to tell if your child might have a broken bone

  • Swelling over the area of injury.
  • Deformity:  compare the area you think might be broken with the non-injured side of the body.  If the injured area looks different, there may be a fracture.
  • Pain with axial load of the injured area:  gently, place your hands above and below the area that you think may be broken. Compress the suspected area along the length of the bone.  If this maneuver is painful, there may be a fracture.


Treatment most often involves a cast or other method to keep the break from moving while it heals.  Sometimes broken bones in children heal without any special treatment.  Occasionally surgery is required to fix the break.”

How we can help

  • X-ray machine on site and ready to go
  • In-house care for simple breaks
  • Rapid referral to bone specialist for more complicated injuries
  • Cheaper and faster than an emergency room