How Much Will My Visit Cost?

By Corey Fish, MD FAAP

By Corey Fish, MD FAAP


Shopping for some things is easy.  If I want to know the difference between different types of items in a grocery store, all I have to do is read the label attached to each product.

Shopping for other things is harder. One of the most difficult things to be a smart shopper of is health care services.  A large reason for this is because the cost of a checkup or visit is often tied to the complexity of the reason for the visit in the first place.

As a physician, I can’t know ahead of time if the cause of a child’s ear pain is due to a cold, strep throat (throat pain is often interpreted as ear pain by the brain), an ear infection, or something much more complicated.

Because of this unknown, cost is a difficult thing to guess at. Also, health insurance typically picks up the majority of the cost of a visit (once deductibles are fulfilled) which might make knowing the actual costs involved unnecessary.

However, families sometimes are without insurance coverage for a variety of reasons. Or maybe a certain doctor’s office isn’t covered by your health insurance plan.  For these families, it is often critical to know the exact cost of a healthcare service.

A Helping Hand

At Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care, we believe in providing the best urgent care services to the largest number of children and young adults possible. We also believe in helping people. This includes helping people better understand their health care costs. Because of this commitment to helping people become smart shoppers of healthcare, we have published our non-insurance/out of network (self-pay) price structure. 

We’ve tried to keep things simple and easy to understand to help our patients and families who are paying at the time of service understand how much their visit will cost.  

Of course, we will continue to provide the same great service to our patients covered by insurance in the usual manner.

Know that if you choose us for your child’s urgent care needs, that you will be getting the very best service, tailored just for your child and provided with comfort and compassion. We will be able to understand and relate to you and your child in a way that puts them (and you) at ease. Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care.