The Sports Physical Explained!

The Sports Physical Explained

It's sports physical time, Portland.



Despite the unseasonably warm weather we recently had followed by our return to winter, the smell of spring in the air always gets me thinking about spring athletic participation and a return to outdoor sports and exercise.  These thoughts are no doubt aided by 2018 being an Olympic year. 



Sports Physicals at Pacific Crest Children's Urgent Care

  • Affordable:  $65 out-of-pocket only

  • In house ECG (electrocardiogram or heart test) if needed or desired:  $25 out-of-pocket + nominal reading fee (a heart doctor reads all ECG's)

  • Thorough:  We check all aspects of your child's sports history and perform a complete exam

  • Kids are not little adults:  Our pediatric experts specialize in care for children, teens, and young adults



In addition to organized sports participation for older children, we always recommend that parents consider an exam for other types of sports that typically don't have a physical exam required for participation.  Think club sports like soccer, BMX, skiing, backpacking or other outdoor sports, etc.  The goal with these exams is to prevent injuries, check for any serious but unknown heart conditions, and make sure kids are safe and able to enjoy activity to the fullest.