Why Pediatric Urgent Care - Part 2!

By Corey Fish, MD FAAP

By Corey Fish, MD FAAP

Welcome back to the Pacific Crest Journal everyone.  If you remember, in last week’s feature, I told you a little about me and why I started Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care.  

In this week’s installment, I’m going to share my thoughts on why I think an urgent care specific to infants, kids, and teens is valuable to you.

We left off describing a thought experiment where we took the large group of people who present to an Emergency Room that we could safely see in an urgent care setting or doctor’s office and the cost savings associated if we did just that.

Unfortunately, going back to my earlier experience as an office based primary care physician, the demands placed on physicians who work in offices and see primarily healthy people for checkups are extensive.  This usually means that they can’t keep enough equipment and supplies or personnel around to perform more specialized services as can be found in an Emergency Room or Urgent Care.  This also usually means that they don’t have enough time to observe a sick child for the length of time needed to safely and effectively care for them.  And your Doctor’s office isn’t open all the time either. 

This is the primary reason why urgent cares are such a fast growing segment within the world of healthcare.  And the fact that they are convenient generally doesn’t hurt. 

This is also the reason why I wanted to start an urgent care office specifically for kids.  Let’s save money for people and for the healthcare system in general.  Let’s deliver good care in ways that can’t be done as well in your doctor’s office and let’s provide specialized pediatric care that usually can’t be done as well by a provider who doesn’t see children all the time.  

Kids are NOT little adults after all and if my experience is anything like yours, the average urgent care up the block that doesn’t strictly cater to kids, will not generally offer the same level of service as an office that is set up for and cares for kids and families only.

What can we do for you?

We can be open at the time you need (3PM-10PM everyday).  We can provide almost all the services you can find in an ER (on-site x-ray, IV fluids and medication, laboratory services, stitches, minor broken bone care, nasal sedation for anxious or worried kids, as well as a whole host of other services).  We can promise you a high level of compassionate, evidence based medical care on top of service with a smile.  We can do all of these things in a way that makes your baby, child, or young adult as comfortable as possible.  And we can do all of this for 20% of what these things cost in an ER.  Who doesn’t love 80% off?!

Medical needs, especially for children, can often be scary propositions both for kids and their families.  However, give us a call before heading to an ER or your urgent care up the block.  Even if we’re a bit further out, I can promise you, so long as it is safe to do so, we will take excellent care of your tiny one, medium size one, or big one.

Thanks for reading!

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This article was written by Dr. Corey Fish, MD FAAP.  Dr. Fish is the founder of Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care in Portland, OR.  Pacific Crest offers high quality, after-hours acute care services for sick and injured kids and young adults.

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