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Baby Concussion


Head injuries are very common in children. Sometimes these types of head injuries lead to concussions. Concussions are tricky to diagnose, baby concussions especially so. In this article, Dr. Fish of Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care shares some symptoms of concussion in babies.


Baby Concussion

Babies with concussion require an expert pediatric medical evaluation.  It can be hard to tell the difference between babies with a simple head bonk, a concussion, or a more severe head injury.  Even if your baby is smiling and laughing, we still recommend a thorough evaluation by the experts at Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care to make sure your baby is 100% healthy and also to make sure you understand the warning signs to watch out for.



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Our Method

When we evaluate your baby, we will complete a thorough history and examination and make recommendations based on what we see. Often, an extended observation period can help us decide whether further interventions or a hospital trip is warranted.  At Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care, we use the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) guidelines to help in our decision-making process.  The guidelines for children under 2 years of age are as follows.


Acting sleepy, irritable, obvious trauma Head bonk somewhere other than forehead, loss of consciousness, fall > 3 feet, "hard hit" Risk of severe injury Where to go?
Yes - 4.4% ER
No Yes 0.9% Pediatric Urgent Care
No No <0.02% Pediatric Urgent Care vs Observe at home


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Went to visit ER

  • Signs of altered mental status including inability to calm down within 10-15 minutes
  • Unable to wake your baby up
  • Severe head trauma, such as car accident with rollover or ejection from car

When to visit us

  • You are able to calm your baby down
  • You can get your baby’s attention
  • Your baby has a goose egg (hemtoma) on their head
  • Fall from more than 3 feet