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Baby Banged Head


Has your baby banged their head?  Not sure what to do?  Keep reading as Dr. Fish of Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care discusses head injuries and what to do about them.



If your baby has banged their head, the most important first step is to remain calm, take a deep breath and take a careful look at your child. After most minor bangs on the head, your baby will seem stunned, cry, and then return to normal within a reasonable length of time. You know your child best, so you should be able to tell if they act normally afterwards. If your baby seems fine after the head bump and does not vomit, nor have visible signs of injury to the head, you probably don’t need to do anything other than keep an eye on them.


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When to visit us

  • Head bump with visible goose egg (or hematoma)
  • Fall from > 3 feet
  • You’re worried and would like expert pediatric advice

Went to visit ER

  • They are sleepy and difficult to wake up with physical or verbal cues
  • Upset and not able to be consoled in a reasonable length of time
  • For children who are talking:  they repeat themselves